Precise positioning leads to successQuality Assurance

Whether standard manufacture, special requests or customised production: Essmann + Schaefer has distinguished themselves by offering the highest level of quality and through reliable production and delivery.

Our benchmark is the manufacture of a perfect product according to our customers’ requirements, true to the founders’ motto: “The memory of quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”

We are successful due to our years of experience with the construction of production machinery and absolute precision in manufacturing. E + S Precision Rules are produced with extremely narrow tolerances using the most modern grind and pull technology and innovative measurement techniques.

Already in September 2000, we received the official confirmation for our high quality standards: Essmann + Schaefer GmbH & Co. KG was the first and only German manufacturer of precision cutting rules to be certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard.

Additionally, we fulfil the specifications for the rule standard of the ESU (European Die-Cut Union), to which we significantly contributed.