MaterialMatrixMale part
thicknesshardnessangle βr1sNo.angle αrNo.
1.05H2 65°16E545°1.00S3
1.42H2 75°110E745°1.00S3

*not suitable for creasing rules.

Cuting rules    
height H ±0.06 mm
Creasing Rules    
Standard H +0 / -0.04 mm
Laser Crease H ±0.04 mm
Perforating Rules    
height H ±0.06 mm

thickness Stolerance
1,05 mm±0,020 mm
1,42 mm±0,025 mm
2,00 mm±0,030 mm
2,84 mm±0,030 mm


measured across the body. The maximum
tolerance results from height H according to the following formula:

X = max. 1 μm / mm

z.B. for height 23,8 mm :
X = 23,8 x 0,001= max. 0,024 mm

straightness of the cutting edge or
the back of 1 meter length:
L = 1.000 mm X max. 1.2 mm
for lengths, back not notched


admissible torsion on 1 m length:
max. 10° for any height
meter lengths only:

length = L = 1.000 mm
X= max. 10 mm for meter lengths
X= max. 30 mm for coils

for centre bevel and long centre bevel:

M = ±0,04 mm for thickness 1.05 mm
M = ±0.05 mm for thickness 1.42 and 2.00 mm

specific steel weight x height x thickness = weight per meter

i.e. 7.85 x 25.40 x 1.42 = 283 g/m

straight, not notched

curved, not notched

straight and notched

curved and notched

straight, conical notching

curved, conical notching

straight, keyhole notching

curved, keyhole notching